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2019: Year of my story

When you want something, get it.

Reaching out to make dreams reality in 2019.

Imagine Music Festival 2019 there will be recycling and I would like to be the coordinator.

ILLENIUM I will be seeing you again, hopefully Texas with my girl, 2020 back at Electric Forest.

Electric Forest 2019 I will be making a wish Electric Forest with the Wish Machine and working closer with Electricology making Forest a more sustainable, eco friendly safe space for all my friends. I will say it so. Plus Forest is my favorite place on Earth and I’d pretty much vow my all to making it the most magical place on the planet, as it is in my heart☺️🌲😘.

And lastly for now, I’d like to meet and thank Patton Oswalt for sharing his late wife’s (Michelle McNamara)philosophy in his comedy special. “It’s chaos, be kind.” changed my view on life and the grief that was drowning my very soul. His humor talked to my heart in ways therapy and real speak never did. I understood his pain and found so much comfort in his comedy. He shared a rawness like no other I had felt so deeply attached as I had to his. There is truth in the saying, tragedy plus time equals comedy. There’s healing to be found in the unknown and without him I might have kept searching for answers forever. I cannot explain how much I appreciate and owe to him and simply silly it is that a comedy special healed a hole I had been living with for nearly a decade but it did and I’m forever grateful. He also gave me the courage and purpose to speak my story because if his could change my life so dramatically, what could sharing my story do for others?

2019 will be the year of my story. I’m going to share it and keep building this amazing community of incredibly positive and profound people. I will show my children a life of adventure and purpose, I will help them find their passion and cultivate great lives. I will keep building and growing myself so that I can continue to help build and grow others and my community.

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Up, up and away.
Climb time

Feeling cute.

Climber’s glow. Look at those curves!
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Path to Positivity…

I was looking through photos this morning and this struck me.

You can watch the anxiety and the struggle. You can see as I pull myself back into positivity.

For those of you that think you can’t possibly do it and your life is harder than mine and it’s so easy for me…

Take a real look into my life.

Not easy, not at all. Every struggle and failure has brought me here. All the heartache and pain cemented my purpose into my being.

I’m here to prove there is sunshine after sadness, even if you have to make your own.

Do it. Be a light.

I’m here. A message away being annoyingly relentlessly positive.

#relentlesspositivity #bethelight

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Breaking Barriers: The Real Bipolar Struggle

Leyna Danelle perfectly captures the struggle of Bipolar disorder.

I always thought my bipolar diagnosis was a bit unfair seeing as it came months after I buried my dad and toddler nephew. It felt a bit harsh but the years have gotten easier and my symptoms aren’t as noticeable but I’m coming to realize are ever present and something I’ll deal with forever.

I’ve learned to manage my illnesses with diet and some serious lifestyle changes. I still struggle. Seasonal depression terrifies me and to say I literally shouted from joy at the sunshine yesterday is no exaggeration. The sun leaving is like a friend leaving me for months. I’m sad and alone desperately awaiting it’s return. I hate it. It drains me and I have a very hard time fighting through day after day, months on end.

I found music and rhythm, which I didn’t have until I turned 30. I couldn’t feel the beat and something came alive in me and I feel it now. I used to be in awe of friends as a kid who danced, I literally couldn’t hear or feel what they did, I thought I never would. Music has saved me a hundred times over, I’m forever indebted and give my time to music because it gave me back mine.

Some days, months at a time I forget that I have these pesky illnesses. I am not them and they are not me but I can’t forget about management or else they’ll come visit and I’d rather not.

I’m trying to get a grasp on seasonal depression preemptively. I’ll go to the sunshine as much as possible if that’s what it takes. Oh dang, more trips😉. I’m eating well because it’s good for my body and mind. My job is a workout and I’ll have biceps sooner or later.

I’m so done hiding.

There are days I am this girl in the picture. Shit sometimes I cycle so fast she’s me daily, if not hourly. Today I’m ok. Tomorrow I’ll be better. Someday it’ll be great😉😍.

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Real life with mental illness

I’ve been feeling awful lately.

I am the only one who can change it, who can make sure it doesn’t spread and seep into our daily lives.

It’s hard and I fail a lot. I get pissed and I yell and I say mean things that my brain can’t intercept quick enough to stop.

It’s frustrating, not only for me but everyone I touch.

I am trying hard to make sure I control my happiness, my path. I am actively choosing happiness and yes I have to remind myself over and over and over, every single day.

Living my path out loud isn’t fake. Posting reminders to be positive, isn’t fake. They are for no one but myself, they are reminders for me. If others like them, great. I’m glad the things that inspire and motivate me can do the same for others.

I am not living how I’d like but I’m further in my journey than I’ve been so far. Progress not perfection…

And take a risk because why not?!?!

Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.

Have a little faith that it’ll be great.

Adventure is calling…

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Friday reminder… Choose happy!

I am not feeling it! This week has my body and mind twisted up, the weather is ridiculously back and forth, bringing my moods right along for the ride.

Yes, I know I’m in control of my own thoughts and feelings but let me tell ya, that shit is easier said than done.

I’m struggling. I can feel the anger seeping back into my life and I hate it, I refuse to let it consume my days. My patience is thin already, summer break hasn’t even begun, I’m dreading what’ll happen when the tiny bit of routine we have is gone.

I crave routine. I like knowing what’s happening and when, everything has a place, everything in its place kind of person and since recombining households after our separation, nothing has a place. It’s stressing me out to the max.

Most don’t know I’ve struggled with OCD most of my life, and not the cute-OMG-that’s-so-OCD kind, the I can’t leave the house until I check everything ten times kind. It’s exhausting and obnoxious and so far from cute, I can’t even.

But I’m struggling and I feel alone. I feel crazy, mostly because I’ve been told so and I hate that. Believe me, I know I’m not and I’m solidly planted in my love for my life and desire to continue participating, so no worries there, it’s just if I’m feeling alone, I know others are too.

You are not alone.

Take a moment and find yourself today, reconnect with someone who is ultimately the most important, YOU!

I’m taking today for me. I’ve planned and rearranged and reorganized and restructured, everything, all week for my family, none of it went as planned or as expected and that’s where I went wrong. Expectations will kill happiness!

It’s a daily struggle and I fail often, but that’s how I know it’s working and I’m on the right path.

Nothing worth having is cheap and easy.

Be impeccable in your words, trust actions.

Happiness is a choice, I choose it regardless of my situation or circumstance. (I just need to remind myself of it, more often.)

I am the captain and creator of this one universal exploration, I intend to make it magical.

This is your Friday reminder…

your emotions don’t run you,

take a deep breath,

let the negativity wash away,

now decide to just be happy!

#gobehappy #happyfriday #choosehappy #relentlesspositivity

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Top 10 Budget Travel Tips

  1. Search airlines directly.

I prefer Frontier Airlines because they offer cheap deals and so far I’ve had great experiences flying with them. Frontier offers cheap bare bones flights, meaning you pay extra for everything. You are allowed to bring one personal item aboard for free, which can be the size of a full backpack. Carry ons and checked baggage are quite expensive, so if you require luggage, this may not be the most economical option for you. Check or download the Frontier app to check for deals.

2.  Travel with the deals.

I picked New York simply because I could fly there cheaply. Flying into Islip. New York was $40 round trip per person, I paid $82 total for two round trip flights to New York with tax. Right now Frontier has $20 each way deals to Philadelphia. The deals change frequently, check them out.

3.  Skip the hotels, book with Airbnb instead.

Airbnb is taking the travel community by storm. There are typically numerous options in major cities, most for a fraction of the price of a hotel stay. We have frequented Airbnb’s now in Chicago and New York , having great experiences each time. Make sure to take your time booking, read reviews, look over the cancellation policy, extra fees, and any house rules the host may list. ***I learned the hard way, accidentally booked a stay in New York on the wrong weekend and ended up paying for it anyway due to a strict cancellation policy. That was a bummer but lesson learned.

4.  Be flexible.

Be flexible where and when you fly, tickets are often cheaper flying to and from larger airports midweek. An unavoidable weather delay earned us courtesy coupons from Frontier worth $50 off our next flights, it pays to be flexible.

5.   Pack wisely.

Pack lightly to avoid carry on fees or needing to check luggage. Bring an EMPTY water bottle in your personal bag, you cannot carry water through security but you can bring an empty water bottle and fill up after getting through security.

6.  Avoid the tourist traps.

Everything is cheaper off the beaten path; food, souvenirs, and activities. Also, part of being flexible.

7.  Check Groupon before arriving.

Want to do something fun? Find it on Groupon ahead of time. I scored an amazing deal on yoga classes on Groupon, saving us $20 on drop-in fees and finally being able to check off  my bucket list wish of yoga in every city of our travels.

8. Make friends.

Being friendly and making friends with strangers saved our trip. We relied heavily on the direction and help of others throughout our entire trip to New York City. We met amazing people who guided us kindly along our journey.

9. Watch a few YouTube videos on your destination before your visit.

If off the beaten path exploration is what you seek, you must go off the beaten path to research. I found awesome videos on secret sites to look for within Bryant Park, Central Park and the New York Library prior to our visit, so I could point out random, interesting tidbits to my husband along the way. Take a minute to find fun places to visit before you are en route.

10.    Reach out online.

I asked on my Facebook for travel suggestions and was pleasantly surprised with all who happily shared their must-see sites in the city. We visited quite a few, some we would never have thought to visit without the suggestions from friends. Thank you to all who helped us on our journey, because of you our adventure was magically beautiful.




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34 might not seem like a milestone birthday to most, but it’s been monumental.

A decade since my world flipped upside down, I’m finally back to life.

24 shook my universe, vividly burned into my memory as the hardest and most devastating year of my existence. My life measured in a before 24 and after system.

24 was the last birthday I celebrated with my dad. My marriage was falling apart more rapidly than the auto industry and I was raising tiny kids alone with the help of my parents while working full time.

I’ll look back on these next few months, reliving my last moments with my dad and Kyle so clearly that it makes me question the validity of their ten year absence, it seems unfathomable.

24 was heartbreak and tragedy that created a tidal wave of anger, universal questioning, and outrage.

At 30, I decided no more. No more sadness, no more pain, no more waiting for life to happen. We have no guarantees.

I flew for my first time two weeks ago and tomorrow we’ll journey to New York to celebrate 34.

34 wishes she could wrap up 24, hold her tight, tell her it’ll be alright. 24 persevered through pain that threatened to demolish everything she ever loved, she fought for better days. Because of 24, I am strong.

34 is everything I ever hoped and dreamed it could be.

Married to that cute boy I always wondered about in college, traveling when and where my heart and budget desires/can acquire, I am in love with my life. Our children are healthy and happy (as kids/preteens can be). Life is good.

Awestruck that this is my reality, beyond grateful for 24, because of her 34 is possible. Relentless positivity!

If I can, you can!

Happiness is a choice! Love your life and it’ll love you back!

#relentlesspositivity #34looksgood #milestonebirthday #thankyou24 #twloha #hopeforoneday